Posted on 25 nov. 2019



This volcano, famous for it's lava lake, is a technically easy hike from the direction from Goma town to kibati.
A trip to the top should take 5 hours, most hikers spend the night at the summit . this also makes it's possible to see the boiling lava by night, when it becomes even brighter.
Hiking can be done 2 day depending on your physical condition, but most of clients use to stay there more 3 Days as 5 days ate the top over 1 week. you are not required to take guides and porter up Nyiragongo Volcano, but you must be escorted by armed Rangers.
Temperatures can be freezing, so prepare warm clothing's and sleeping bags, but more comfortable and enjoyable hiking of Nyiragongo would need a professional mountain guide in addition who speak good language. this will get a role of the mountain hiking to provide information's a bout Nyiragongo like weather, wild animals available, birds and support when hiking at Nyiragongo way. the Guide will be with refreshing cook healthy, altitude sickness and make sure food will be with you and prepared at the summit on the volcanic rocks, camp fire and hot coffee or tea with you and Diner with breakfast in the morning.
Porters will also be helpful to carry food and support materials and really be suitable of our workers are reputable you should be keeping and suitable guide very hot for some music Congolese in this way.
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